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 Everyone arrives on bikes. That's because it's in a transport  gulag of

South London. On a light industrial estate between the Old Kent Rd and

New Cross., they seem to have taken the DIY thing a little too literally and

covered everything in plasterboard. The bar is an afterthought ... a bit like

the popcorn stand at the cinema. Having said that, there's a seated smoking

area out the back for us coffin-dodgers. The gig room is great (See vid below)

- it's just the right size. It's a private member's club - a quid to join.

They seem to have lots going on, so well worth checking out. Just not sure

about the whole 'foyer' layout - small bar with four stools and nothing else to do

but go and check out the (plasterboard) record shop.






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 Superb venue with a community feel. Acres of old timber flooring,

like a pirate ship. Gig room is great, and the separate bar

would make an excellent local boozer. At the side there's a busy kitchen

and covered seating (cheap food). Loads of space at the front, with picnic tables, etc.

I really like this place - it's great in the summer - a very mixed crowd

and the people who run it are spot on - they run youth projects as well...

A long way to go (Seven Sisters) , but hooray for the night-tube.




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Another one that's hard to get to. All of these places are a good mile and a half from

tube or bus stations. This place used to be a jazz club in the 30s and 40s. - a good

front bar leads to about 150 capacity gig room. You get the best acoustics by leaning

against the bar and drinking whiskey - very convenient. I was there on a Thursday night,

and both the pub/front bar and the venue room were packed. Still OK, though ... good

atmosphere - and a fair sprinkling of silver-topped rockers, which was nice. Side yard for

smokers - strange, quiet little back-street - you'd never know there was a punk club there.

Front bar did smell of puke, though ...