Thankfully, it's not just another media invention (There's no money in it !)

About 15 years ago, I predicted there would be a backlash against all the box-set/cable TV/anti-social media

culture that was shrinking us all into atomised little economic units like human cube-shaped melons. I thought people

would once again crave live - one-night-only entertainment. I was wrong, of course - dodging people gawping at tiny screens

when you're on the streets is a part of daily life now. There are stirrings, though ...

Too often, it's been people giving up on Britain as anything more than an overpriced place where you just work -

and they go abroad to find something 'authentic'

(I have several pairs of bills (underpants) that have 'Authentic Apparel' printed on them ...

bit of a shock to find out that I had been wearing inauthentic undies all these years)


Partly an offshoot of the student hardcore scene  ...

(who learnt their best licks off us old punks ... i.e: how to set up a squat venue that actually manages to break even, without ending up in jail)

... and partly the art-school scene, with a smattering of young rockers who love the '78 -'83 period. Oh yeah, and lotsa

middle-aged counter-culture folks who are all a bit lost as to where people like them actually go nowadays.

There's a great variety of stuff out there - if you're intrepid enough to go out and find it - and it's refreshingly absent

of snobbery (great to have punk, poetry, photography and comedians, all in the same evening's entertainment ...

and if you can get a local to point things out to you - it's even better) The only drawback is the increasingly obscure locations, as

everyone tries to escape the gentrification. Public transport can be a bastard of a pain sometimes ...

Everyone back to mine !







Radio 4

Quietus 1

Supersonic Festival

Quietus 2








33 Chatsworth Rd.

The Bird's Nest Pub (Deptford)







Europe is Lost


Nice to know it's not just us angry old gits who feel this way about things ...









Juan Carlos

Paz Bakea










Future Pinball

Future Pinball Tables



Picture this - A 14-year old kid walks into an amusement arcade with his badly bleached hair and jeans

that are too tight and unforgivably blue. He goes straight over to the Gorgar table - the first talking pinball machine.

It's the loudest thing in there - and he's hoping all the girls in the place  are looking over ... he's trying to look cool, which isn't

easy 'cos the cigarette hanging out of his mouth is making his left eye water and giving him a strong urge to sneeze.

A blonde rocker girl walks over and talks to him "Aren't you Simon's brother ?" And he replies with

"No ... Simon is my brother"  ... understandibly, she looks confused, then annoyed and then wordlessly retreats back to the

safety of her friends. So begins the romantic career of your average 20th century loser.

I know ... I was that soldier.

(Other picaresque stories from the 70s are available on demand - just before I throw up on my shoes and

fall off the barstool)








Okay, at 20 years of age I was way too old to be buying daft stickers (and I didn't even like bubblegum !)

But, by the mid eighties. punk had become so oppressively monochrome that it felt almost political to cover

your fridge in bright gaudy stuff like this. Sometimes you just had to stand up and say "Hey, I'm just a punk punk -

no core-this, no core-that, no big hair and definitely no beards - and if you can't reserve a good 10% of your life to utter childishness,

then you're already lost !"

Regress and survive !








Sometimes, you've just got to doff yer cap ... Dean Western is a Detroit bassist and songwriter -

he's also one of those folks who is always in several bands at once ... added to this is the fact that,

despite holding down a real job in the real world, he manages to put together music like this in his

spare time. All that, and he's old enough to have played with the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle as a kid ... maximum respec.

File under : Essential Soundtrack For Bladerunner Roadtrip







Sam Chivers







Seth Globepainter








No one Said

I logged on to one of those 'musician's support Forum' website thingies, the other week (I was after free experimental plugins)

and noticed the lousy advice that had been given to the guy who made this song ... "What's with the muttering noises in the background" , "It's too short" etc.

so I had to pitch in and leave the only comment I could, really ... basically - "It's fine, it's finished ... and, by the way - don't listen to anyone - ever"

With that, I logged out ... I won't be going back.








It's Called Freefall





 Anyway, you're too busy saving everybody else,

To save yourself, but you don't need no help

Ah well ... that's the story to tell


'Cos aint shit free 'cept falling out

And that shit's easy, let me show you how...