someone mentioned defender  and it started a quest to see what was out there.

There are several versions on the internet archive - none of which worked in chrome

(but maybe worth a download for desktop use )

this version is a decent mockup - meaning it's still bloomin' impossible !

it's been put on a separate page'cos it's kinda noisy - just like the original.

















I post this on here to remind myself ... be braver.















This is sort of breaking the rules of the site, as all of the games here

are meant to be '5 minute games' - I tried this out on a TV night ...

didn't actually watch any telly and woke up on the coach at 5 a.m.,

feeling like a broken deckchair - you have been warned.









  "Is this the point when we go crashing through those barriers -

like wot they do in music mags ?"


Once did a gig with these guys - they seemed very out-of-place

with their bright chunky sweaters and bontempi new-wave stylings.

(Thrash was all the rage) They were always punk as fuck to me, though -

what's more punk than the surrealism of everyday life ?


Basically, if you haven't got the soul to shell out a fiver immediately

solely because the album is called 'Back in the D.H.S.S' - then you really ought

to step away from the Imperial Leather, kiddywinks ... (or is it st - st - Studio Live!)


(I take this song as "Don't you just hate it, when that happens - you finally move to the country

and a couple of hipsters move in next door.")


Every Time a Bell Rings


Ground Control to Monty Don
The testimonial silver’s gone
The circumstance here’s pretty thin
The sun comes out when I go in

On the way home from spinning class she pops into the deli for artisan gossip. He stays in the car leafing through a high-end coffee bean catalogue. Their dream is to open up a roastery in the Keswick area…

Get your hedge cut
Get your fuckin’ hedge cut
Get your hedge cut
Get your fuckin’ hedge cut
Stop meeting friends
And cut your hedge

Why can’t you say “orangutan”?
Why can’t you just say “Ku Klux Klan”?
Who needs the library or the pub
When we’ve got your creative hub?

He got a Boardman bike on the Cycle To Work scheme, discovered he really enjoyed it. Started watching the Tour de France highlights on ITV4, worshipped at the altar of Wiggo and Froome-dog. Goes out every Sunday in full Sky replica kit…

Get your hedge cut
Get your fuckin’ hedge cut
Get your hedge cut
Get you fuckin’ hedge cut
Stop analysing Strava
And cut your hedge

It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s a wonderful film, but the more I watch it the more I want Potter to succeed. Not least when that lot up the road come out into the street every New Year’s Eve, drunk on Ptolemy’s hock, hugging each other and going “Hee-haw, hee-haw”…

Every time a bell rings
I hate you some more
Every time a bell rings
I hate you some more
Every time a bell rings
I hate you some more
Every time a bell rings







Cool take on the defender-type game. I think maybe the reason

I like it so much is that reminds me of the old Gerry and Silvia Anderson series


(More U.F.O. here)








A great collection of the unusual and avant garde - looking forward to having a good mooch

and rummage ... after, all, without self-hejification - we could all end up like this