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So sad to hear about the  death of Storm - 2nd (or was it 3rd)

and main bassist of the Hulmanoids 87-90. Great musician, born rebel

and damned good all-round bloke. I wrote a bit more about him here.

Miss you mate .



Pungent Smells

Guitar by Storm








 Okay, here''s an update to the Gorgar pinball post ...

on closer look, I realised the prog can be a bit techy and unclear - some

of the tables don't even work correctly (balls getting stuck - would you believe !)

and some of them are just plain naff 60s style tables. Pinball is still an ace diversion,

if you just want a 5 minute distraction from computer chores, etc. - and you don't need a gaming rig

or exra hard drives to play them. I've put together the best version (works on old and new machines) and the very best

tables - late 70s to 80s - not boring and they all actually work really well - just follow the tips on the download page and you can't go wrong

enjoy !

- DH














 Charles Sheeler








Paul Robeson


Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Comittee on Un-American Activities June 12, 1956