Japanese manhole covers

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From the album 'Incessant'



 On my leopard print jet ski / Finally free / On my leopard print jet ski / I get away / Rid of the land / Sun on my hand / Fairweather plan / Iím off / And Iím looking the other way / On life and leisure and whatís true / And to stare it in the face / Makes me feel terror / And thatís not good / If i find an island in the sun / Will I share with the one I love / On my leopard print jet ski



 Prison factory / Zoning committee / Refuse to pay all fees & loans / Could always say I didn't know / The banal sensation of following a dream / The realization it wasn't what it seemed / Making eye contact with a dog / Could always say Itís not my fault / The incessant / Payment's due / The incessant / The feelings moved / The incessant / What anxious doom / The incessant / Coming for you / What's the worst thing you've ever done? / sent both years apart to the hospital / lost, aimless or confused? / In every aspect I'm unsure of what I'm doing / Are you scared? Are you alone? / In the shadow of dross, gazing on as I moan / Through the imminent unease / the incessant, when a sentence makes you queasy / the incessant / paymentís due / the incessant / series of tubes / the incessant / the cop just shoots / the incessant / itís coming for you



 As a child / Wait and sit / Being pulled in every direction / By the mask / By the mask / Yeah / Adult man / Smooth hand / Take advantage whenever i can / With the mask / With the mask / Yeah / Now it moves with me / It helps me breathe / It makes me see what i want it to / Canít take it off / It haunts the self / Defined & supplied / By the mask





Action comic

1976 ... the hottest summer in 200 years. Punk Rock was just around the corner -

but I was 10/11, so my life revolved around my bike, Monty Python, The Sweeney and Action Comic.

Action was like nothing else. It was the precursor to 200 AD and

ten times better in my opinion

(some of the short stories and ideas were later used in 2000 AD)

I had to hide my copies as my folks (and most adults) were horrified by it.

Like I say, like nothing else - a story based on Jaws, a story inspired by Roller-ball,

a story abut a black boxer and a war story starring a German tank commander as the hero.

It gained the attention of parliament and Mary Whitehouse - and was finally banned after just 10 months -

the last straw was the story of a Borstal riot depicting lots of hospitalised coppers and it was

pulled from the shelves for two weeks.It came back for a year, but in a much tamer form.

Here, for your delectation, are a coupl of tasters -

Hookjaw (on the left) and Spinball Wars/Death Game 1999 (on the right)






















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