chaos theory


...have been putting on some interesting gigs in London lately.
-sorta prog-punk that reminds me of some of the jazz-punk bands of the 90s. ;)











Chai Muansingh

(Man City Lion)




Pee kao pee oak

(Ghost in - ghost out)






News is always a little more interesting when it's  from someone else's town ...

These are from The Boston Globe  - who have been archiving their high quality

press photos online for some time now.



news in pictures







The trouble with 3D dogfight games was always the stupid amount of time you spent

wandering round empty skies looking for the enemy ... this is great, though -

a no - install game that even runs on old graphics cards


flight combat chung


hint: CTRL and R for reset (press R again to repair/refuel)












Prices have really come down on some tech recently - I picked up an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x eight-core processor for around £170 - together with a Gigabyte B450 AORUS M Motherboard, 16 gigs memory, An Nvidia GeForce 1650 Super Graphics card and a nice quiet power unit - the whole build cost me about £450 - which is still a fair bit of money, but I now have a super-fast rig that is near silent and can handle absolutely anything - even the latest games. Buy all the parts seperately and assemble yourself to save a small fortune (A rig with these kinds of specs, bought from a shop would give you very little change from £1,000)  

P.S. - I don't know what is going on with tracktion at the moment (the company keeps changing hands) - but T6 is not as 'free' as I first thought (some 'try before you buy' nonsense, which they don't tell you until you've gone to all the hassle of downloading and installing it - bad tracktion !). If you're desperate to get started - go for Tracktion 3 - it's still my go-to multitracker for recording.  (You may need Tracktion 5 or later for heavier mixing//mastering jobs)




Cheap Option

Get a dual - core x64 PC, / At least 4 gigs memory

buy  an audio interface (24 bits) , mixer and microphone from Behringer -

(They do some really high spec stuff, all ridiculously cheap).

Then get yourself a FREE MULTITRACKER, or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 

- I use Tracktion - very much the musicians multitracker,

especially if you began back in the old analogue days, like me. I tried pretty much all of them.

I never got on with Cubase,and programs like Fruity Loops, Logic, etc. always seemed more designed

for electronic/dance music rather than for people who play actual instruments.

I've nothing against using technology, but, as a songwriter,

I want to get my ideas recorded as quickly as possible.

If you can get as much stuff demo'd

at home as you can - it makes time in the studio a lot less painful,

a lot quicker and a whole load cheaper.

I haven't tried any of the free recorders below, but give them a try - they may be a better fit for you.

Here's a handy quick guide that might help. As ever - the real skill is deciding whether

you want to be a musician or a technician - be warned - the world of midi,

although a fantastic tool, can also be a huge 'rabbit-hole' -

I can think of at least one major band who were ruined by going down the

over-sampled, over polished pro-tools route.


Here are some other FREE MULTITRACKERS/DAWS on the web





BASS: Hofner Ignition
(or Stagg - very cheap, but very decent)

GUITAR: Gordon Smith GS1 (or any Les Paul Copy)

DRUMS: Behringer X8USB




There is an endless choice of VST plugins out there - it just depends what kind of music you want to make, and you

probably have a good idea already. But if you're just after some nice, straightforward, analogue style plugins for effects and production

then you can do a lot worse than starting with Kjaerhus's Classic Audio Plugins









Doll face on the Calico Highway





 Raphaelle Martin







A great little rabbit-hole of ephemera ...

He's been doing it for 20 years - taking stills from a video camera,

rather than using a scanner.